GoldLine G50 Breeze Men’s Shoes


GoldLine’s new series of G50 shoes are athletic and fashionable. G50 Breeze features a flexible upper and stable out-sole for the perfect combination of balance and flexibility.

  • Perfect for beginners or occasional curlers who prefer slower sliding on the ice

  • Equipped with the top-of-the-line 3/32″ Teflon slider on the left foot and a premium rubber gripper sole on the right foot.

  • Slider has strategically placed indents on the toe and heel that distribute weight enhancing stability on the ice

  • The 3/32″ slider is rated at a speed 5 out of 12

  • Sold separately: Goldline Anti-slider Quantum, Tuff toe at home application kit, and curling socks

  • IMPORTANT: All velocity shoes are designed for right-handed curlers (slider on the left foot and gripper on the right foot)

  • Color: Black with red highlights

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