Hardline Complete Broom with Maxim Pad


The most efficient and revolutionary curling broom in the market

  • Ideal for the recreational and professional curler.
  • Ultra-Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Available in 1″ handle which is not tapered and weighs a mere 145 grams (with complete head weighs in at 370 grams).
  • The 1 1/8″ handle (tapered to 1″ handle) and weighs slightly more at 165 grams (with complete head weighs in at 390 grams)
  • For added efficiency and less hand slipping comes with the revolutionary Power-Rib grip at the tapered end of the handle.
  • Comes equipped with a complete head paired with the Maxim WCF approved IcePad (the Maxim IcePad does not include the plastic insert which is used in the recreational Pro-Cover IcePad).

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