Asham Competitor Ultra Lite Mens Shoes 3/32″ Disks


 The shoe that will transform your game. The durable synthetic upper paired with Asham’s ultra-light RDS disk system is the perfect blend of comfort and stability.

Included: Front and back Gripper disks, front and back 3/32″ white teflon slider disks

Moisture-wicking lining will help keep feet dry and warm

Shoelace cover helps keep laces off the ice and the seamless toe reduces drag during delivery

Simply and easily customize your shoes as the 3/32′ slider disks and gripper disks (included) are attached with Velcro and fit on either foot. Making this shoe perfect for right or left handed curlers or those who prefer a double gripper

Color: Black  

Sold Separately: Asham Rotator slip-on gripper*, Asham Replacement/Extra gripper disks, Asham custom slider disks, tuff toe at home application kit, and curling socks,

Slider/Gripper Disk Size Chart:

  • Small fits ladies heal (back)

  • Medium fits Ladies toe (front) and Men’s heal (back)

  • Large fits Men’s toe (front)

*Please refer to the Slip-On Gripper Size Chart above for proper size, if chosen we will always send you the perfect fit for your new Asham shoes*

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