BalancePlus Comp-Fiberglass Complete Broom


Comp curling brushes feature a 1″ diameter at the top end providing the most comfort for the upper hand while sweeping or skipping. A 1 1/8″ diameter at the head end provides more comfort for the lower hand while brushing. The patented tapered design reduces hand slippage, requiring less effort to create down-pressure, reducing fatigue.

NEW: reduced weight now only 410g for the complete brush when paired with the LiteSpeed RS 7″ head.

Comp curling brushes feature the LiteSpeed RS 7″ and 9″ XL complete head – the lightest, most effective head available. The LiteSpeed RS system allows for maximum customization by size and materials, making it the most effective brush on the market. The RS reduces the waste from used brush parts – when time for replacement, the sleeve is the only component to replace. Reuse the foam and baseplates to limit the amount going into landfill.

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