Asham Rotator Slip-on Gripper Right Foot


The versatile slip-on gripper fits the rotator sole or the RDS system of the Asham or Hardline shoes, most wide soled running shoes* and junior sizes** (refer to sizing chart for the perfect fit).

With its innovative technology, this gripper provides high traction on the ice and protects your slider.

Color: Black

Available: for the Left and Right foot

Extra-Small (XS)- Women’s size 5-7.5 & Junior sizes 3-5**

Small (Sm)- Women’s sizes 8-10 & Junior size 6**

Medium (M)- Women’s sizes 10.5-11 & Men’s sizes 7-9

Large (L)- Men’s sizes 9.5-11

Extra-Large (XL)- Men’s sizes 11.5-14

*running shoe sizing may vary slightly. 

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S, M, L, XL, XS

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